Solar heat and electricity produced by top-quality installations are the basic elements of our country’s energy supply of the future. Swissolar contributes an important part by offering specialist training. 

We are the main information and competence centre for solar knowledge and give you a general view of all the further education offers in your area.

Swissolar trainings (basics and planners), as well as other equivalent solar technology courses are accepted and will allow professionals to register for the SOLAR PROS® expert directory. Attendees to webinars, ERFA (exchange of experience) meetings, update courses and product trainings are eligible for renewal of their label.

Swissolar members benefit from a 25% discount on the course fees, while members of our partner associations (suissetec, Gebäudehülle Schweiz (Swiss Building Envelope), (Swiss Association of Electrical Installation Companies) and Holzbau Schweiz (Wood Building Switzerland) get a 10% discount.  

Course overview 2022 (PDF in German)

Skilled labour demand

The rapid increase of the demand for photovoltaic systems is generating a strong need for skilled professionals, which is not easy to meet in the current labour market. Swissolar is therefore about to launch a vocational apprenticeship training program in solar installation in cooperation with the Polybau association. The first course is due to start in 2024. For career changers, the solar installer course held by solar installer schools or the vocational training to obtain a solar installation project manager certificate are good options. 

Job seekers are recommended to use Swissolar’s job portal (in German).