Remuneration for PV

In Switzerland, Pronovo is in charge of promoting photovoltaics on a federal level. Some cantons, towns and energy suppliers have additional subsidy programmes.

PV installations of any size are being subsidized via the non-recurring remuneration (EIV) throughout Switzerland. This covers a maximum of 30% of the capital costs relevant when commissioning a reference system. The compensation includes a basic amount and a performance-specific contribution for every installed kW. The remuneration amount is fixed in Appendix 2.1 of the Energy Promotion Ordinance. The next revision is due on 1st January 2023. There are different procedures to apply for the remuneration, depending on the PV installation’s size:

  • Non-recurring remuneration for small installations (KLEIV), less than 100 kW. The application for remuneration can be submitted to Pronovo only after commissioning of the PV installation. Larger installations can also apply for the KLEIV. However, installed capacity in excess of 99.9 kW will not be supported. The waiting period for payment is less than one year (see Pronovo).
  • Non-recurring remuneration for large installations (GREIV), more than 100 kW. The installation does not need to be built before the request is granted. Application for remuneration: Pronovo. The waiting period for approval is less than one year (see Pronovo).

The feed-in remuneration at cost system (EVS, formerly KEV) is no longer available for new photovoltaic projects. From 2018 to 2020, project applications for feed-in remuneration at cost that had been submitted before 30th June 2012 were integrated into the EVS.

Overview one-off remuneration as of 2023

For detailed remunerations for your installation please check the Pronovo online tariff calculator.