There are two types of Swissolar memberships available. The association offers full memberships and sponsoring memberships.   

Full memberships include the following categories: 

Solar companies
Solar installation is your core business. Your business focuses either on production, trade and distribution, on planning and consulting (including architects), and/or installation.

Service providers
Your business is to solve financial, legal or technical issues, or to provide services, e.g. cleaning solar installations.  

You represent similar interests as Swissolar.

Energy suppliers
Your business is to produce and distribute solar energy. 

Terms of admission
All members are required to accept and act in compliance with Swissolar’s mission statement in their everyday business. They are expected to fully accept the association’s policies and charter (German / French). For more information, please consult the membership regulation (German / French / Italian). The Committee decides on the acceptance of a member. 

If you wish to support Swissolar ideologically, you can become a sponsoring member.