Membership fees

Annual membership fees are calculated according to the member companies’ size and category.

As of 2021, the following annual membership fees apply (in CHF, excl. VAT):

The members are entered by name in the Membership Directory. Adding the logo to the entry is possible against CHF 400 surcharge.

The costs for the listing as SOLAR PRO® correspond to 50% of the membership fee.

   Solar companies and service providers*    
Membership feesSOLAR PROS® listing fees
   1-2 employees    525265 
   3-5 employees     600300  
   6-10 employees     750375
   11-20 employees     900450  
   21-50 employees  1'300650
   51-100 employees  1'800900  
   >100 employees  2'5001'250  

* Companies that only provide services and are not solar companies are not approved as Solar Pros. 

Energy suppliers                                                   
Membership fees SOLAR PROS® listing fees
up to 5'000 customers1'000500 
5'001 to 20'000 customers 1'500750 
20'001 to 50'000 customers 2'0001'000 
>50'000 customers 2'8001'400 
Associations                                                    Membership fees  
Associations  5'500
Sponsoring members                                     Membership fees  
individual        220 
collective    500


Ordinary members that are also members of a Swissolar partner association benefit from a 15% discount. The following are partner associations: Suissetec Schweizerisch-Liechtensteinischer Gebäudetechnikverband, Gebäudehülle Schweiz, Verband Schweizerischer Elektro-Installationsfirmen, Holzbau Schweiz.