Advantages for members

Swissolar is the Swiss solar trade association. It represents the interests of approximately 800 members vis-à-vis the public, politics, and regulatory authorities. 

Become a member and benefit from the following advantages:  

  • Stay ahead by building and sharing knowledge
    Swissolar facilitates training and further education, as well as knowledge sharing among members 
  • Gain a competitive edge by sharpening your market presence
    Swissolar helps its members to sharpen their market presence and fosters relationships with customers
  • Pave the way and create a secure environment
    Swissolar contributes expert solar knowledge to the processes of defining industry standards and fixing technical regulations, and thus removes obstacles
  • Contribute to shaping energy transition
    Swissolar actively represents the industry’s interests during political decision-making processes and contributes to shaping the energy transition
  • Communicate positively about solar technologies and industries
    Swissolar communicates the achievements and chances of solar technologies and enhances the image of the industry
  • Identify and make use of synergies
    Swissolar publicly encourages and undertakes co-operations with related technologies
  • Participate actively 
    Swissolar is a trade association that welcomes active member participation

Services for full members

  • Entry in the published Membership Directory
  • Free access to ERFA meetings
  • Monthly email newsletter
  • Access to trade information and fact sheets edited by the association on the member’s reserved site
  • Full members also have access to a free ombudsman service in case they need mediation between their company and a builder.
  • Magazine on Renewable Energies (in German and French)
  • Opportunity to participate in expert committees and work groups 

Monetary advantages for full members

  • 25% discount on Swissolar course fees
  • 25% discount on Swissolar event fees
  • Discount on legal advice Legal Consulting