Advantages for members

Swissolar is the Swiss solar trade association. It represents the interests of approximately 800 members vis-à-vis the public, politics, and regulatory authorities.

Become a member and benefit from the following advantages: 

  • Network
    All the important actors and stakeholders of the Swiss solar industry are our members.
  • Information lead
    We provide you quickly with reliable information on markets and politics, for example through our monthly newsletter.
  • Competence and exchange of experience
    We offer platforms enabling exchange among professionals and active cooperation in the association.
  • Further education
    Our members benefit from attractive discounts on training and conference fees.
  • Good standards
    With our expert network, we strive to achieve good technical and regulatory framework conditions.
  • Political work
    We support the interests of our members on a political level and actively influence Swiss energy politics.
  • Technical support
    We publish fact sheets and offer support for technical concerns.
  • Legal service and ombudsman
    The ombudsman’s services are provided free of charge, and competent legal counselling is available at affordable rates.
  • New market models and technologies
    We encourage innovative ideas and bring them to market.
  • Market development
    We help our Solar Pros to gain more customer requests through quality controls and active marketing work.
  • Energy transition
    With our contribution, we help you to achieve a breakthrough for renewable energies.
  • Identify and make use of synergies
    Swissolar encourages and undertakes co-operations with related technologies. 

Services for full members

  • Entry in the officially published Membership Directory
  • Free access to ERFA meetings
  • Monthly email newsletter
  • Access to trade information and fact sheets edited by the association on the member’s reserved site
  • Full members also have access to a free ombudsman service in case they need mediation between their company and a builder.
  • Magazine on Renewable Energies (in German and French)
  • Opportunity to participate in expert committees and work groups 

Monetary advantages for full members

  • 25% discount on Swissolar course fees
  • 25% discount on Swissolar event fees
  • Discount on legal advice Legal Consulting
  • Privileged conditions for advertising via Swissolar channels
  • Tool to support operational calculation (TCO tool, can be ordered in the shop) and wind charge tool (available separately in the MySwissolar login zone)