Swissolar is the Swiss Solar Energy Professionals Association. It represents the Swiss solar industry, i.e. all the companies and institutions that are part of the solar economy, as well as organisations that support the concerns of the solar economy.

Swissolar acts as the industry’s voice for political concerns and as a service provider for joint advertising, information, education, and quality assurance. 

These are our objectives:

  • We help our members to sharpen their market presence.
  • We side with our members to call for a stronger deployment of solar energy in all fields of application. These include photovoltaics (solar power), solar thermal (for domestic warm water preparation and heating) and solar architecture.
  • We contribute to creating a political framework and technical conditions that strengthen the position of renewable energy carriers and a rational energy utilisation on the open Swiss market.
  • We provide information on the application options for solar energy and implement marketing initiatives.
  • We encourage efforts in the area of quality assurance, as well as training and further education on solar topics.
  • We support measures aimed at improving the competitiveness of all renewable energies.