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The majority of our members are certified Solar Pros and are listed as audited companies that specialize in these categories: independent consulting and planning, consulting and implementing, as well as production and distribution.

Please refer to the Solar Pros Directory to find a certified specialist company.

Using the member search function, you can not only find solar companies, but also partner associations, energy suppliers and service providers that perform any service associated with the operation of solar installations. These include companies that carry out services such as cleaning or maintenance work on your solar system, but also surveyors or other businesses providing many additional services. Details on the relevant product range are also provided for the solar companies listed in the production and distribution category.

Filter your search by business (clicking on the + sign):

      • Independent consulting and planning: companies offering neutral, product-independent advice and planning
      • Consulting and implementing: this generally includes advice and implementation planning of the systems executed by the companies themselves
      • Production and distribution: this refers to components used for assembly or operation of solar systems

      Please also select these technologies: Solar heat (hot water and heating: collector systems), Solar power (photovoltaics) or Solar construction (solar architecture, passive use of solar energy).

      Companies active in the field of battery storage (independent consulting and planning, consulting and implementing, production and distribution) can be found in this member category: «Solar companies» / technological field «Photovoltaics» / Business: Please select «Main business focus» and use the search word «battery storage/charge controller» under the heading «Products».