Solar thermal installation types

Simple water heating systems can be mounted within a day or two. There are several fitting options for solar thermal collectors:

  • collectors on pitched roofs: in-roof or on-roof mounting
  • elevated collector mounting on flat roofs
  • solar collector integration in building fronts
  • open-space systems and other surfaces
on-roof installation
in-roof installation

Rooftop systems

Solar heat systems mounted on rooftops can be either on-roof or in-roof installations.

On pitched roofs, on-roof installations are mounted directly onto the roof using a bracket substructure and on flat roofs using a ballasted rail system.

In-roof solar panels are integrated, thus replacing the roof or the facade itself.

Facade-integrated systems

Facade-integrated solar panels do not necessarily have to be rear-ventilated, but can be mounted directly to the outside wall, depending on the conditions. 

Facade-integrated solar collectors can be designed as part of the architectural layout of a building.