Solar thermal installation types

Simple water heating systems can be mounted within a day or two. There are 4 main fitting options for solar thermal collectors:

  • collectors on steep roofs: in-roof or on-roof mounting; 
  • collector mounting on flat roofs using a support structure; 
  • solar collector integration in building fronts.
on-roof installation
in-roof installation

Rooftop systems

There are two different types of mounting for solar heat panels on rooftops: on-roof and in-roof installations.


On pitched roofs, on-roof installations are mounted directly onto the roof using a bracket substructure and on flat roofs using a ballasted rail system. In-roof solar panels are integrated, thus replacing the roof or building front itself. 

Facade-integrated systems

Solar panel technology has the potential to affect the way facades are built materially during the next decade. While tilted collectors were developed gradually to ensure perfect integration into rooftops, facade panels are bound to become decisive design elements in building envelopes. 

Facade-integrated solar panels do not necessarily have to be rear-ventilated, but can be mounted directly to the outside wall, depending on the conditions.