Active and passive use of solar energy

Solar construction achieves its goals using a variety of components and measures. A distinction is made between direct or active and indirect or passive use of solar energy. 

Active use of solar energy

The active use of solar energy involves electricity or heat generated directly by using solar technologies. Electricity is produced by solar panels, i.e. using the photovoltaics technology, while solar thermal collectors capture solar heat for domestic warm water preparation or auxiliary heating systems.

Both technologies integrate construction components that serve as weather protections, shading, fall protections, noise protections while also being part of the design. Solar construction essentially consists of applying solar technologies as additional functional elements

Passive use of solar energy

Indirect or passive use of solar energy means making the best possible use of the sun’s natural radiation (as thermal or as light energy) by implementing structural measures. This includes building in special windows and glazing. In this case, constructors focus on energy optimization of the building’s and layout’s orientation according to the sun’s course and seasonal variations in shading during the year.