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Swiss solar power market

In 2021, newly installed capacity grew by 43% compared to 2020. One year earlier, market growth was even 46%. In 2022, an addition of 1000 MW should be reached. To achieve the climate and energy targets, the annual addition must be doubled to 2000 MW by 2030.

Swiss solar thermal market

Solar thermal for domestic warm water preparation and auxiliary heating is a fully established technology. There are several reasons for its market decline in Switzerland.

Solar radiation in Switzerland

The sun supplies energy in abundance. Its annual radiation on Switzerland’s surface area is 200 times higher than the annual energy consumption of our country. 

Solar energy in profusion

A six-hour solar radiation on land is equivalent to the global power consumption of an entire year. 

Energy scenario

Do we want a politically regulated energy transition with a high economic benefit or a chaotic development where individual solutions prevail? Now it is time to set the course.   

Own consumption with solar batteries

Storing the sun’s energy in solar batteries enables us to use it also in the evening and to increase our own consumption rate.